Finally A Proven Way to Add Fuel to the Fire.


Did you know nutrition is 60% to 70% of your weight loss equation? Although exercise is important a solid prepared meal plan can not be overlooked.

Nutritional truth: Real success comes from

  • Eating the right quality foods
  • Eating the right quality foods at the right time
  • Eating the right amount of quality foods
Therefore to help you with maximizing your help efforts in fitness bootcamp we created “NUTRITION BOOTCAMP”

In our Nutrition Bootcamp we offer 4 things:

*Fat Burning Meal Plans

* Nutritional Coaching and Private Counseling

* Nutritional Accountability  Coaching

* Nutrition Weight Loss Challenges



Fat Burning Meal Plans

Our team of registered dieticians  and certified nutritionist have put together several amazing pre-made fat burning meal plans to help

the general population for some of our weight group challenges. But mainly they work hard to create personalized meal plans to help you meet your health goals.

Most of our meal plans come with a grocery list, recipes,  food journals, and nutritional tips and secrets to help you develop healthy nutritional habits and

lifestyle. Our meal plans can range from $29.99 to $300.


Nutritional Coach and Private Counseling

Do you need to meet with someone to discuss in details your personal nutritional concerns? Then we have you covered.  Set up an appointment with

either our  registered dietician or certified nutritionist.



Based on the research of the Institute of Medicine, not the latest fad.


Nutritional Accountability Coaching

REALITY TRUTH CHECK: “Most people already know what to eat and what not to eat. They know what to do, but the real challenge doing what they know”

The main reason many people seek the help of fitness trainer and nutritionist is to keep them accountable when they lack motivation, self discipline, and positive support. This is the reason we created the Nutritional Accountability system.

With our Accountability system, each week you will be a part of a 30 minute GROUP online Interactive accountability and goals session that is

administered by one of our coaches. We will spend the time setting your goals, reviewing your last weeks performance, and coaching you for the upcoming week. These sessions will also give you group and social support. You will  obtain new ways to improve your results through accountability, social support and more!!!


Nutrition Weight Loss Challenges

Like our fitness bootcamp we also offer nutritional challenges to help reduce weight loss quickly, to educate, and to help start and develop healthy eating habits. Some of our Weight Loss challenges are:

7 Day Detox Challenge

11 Day (Weight Loss) Challenge

21 Day Keto Fast Fat Burner Challenge

21 Day Summer Sexy Melt Down Challenge

28 Day “No Sugar” Challenge

7lb Challenge (lose 7lbs and 3 inches of your waist and we pay you $77)

30 Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge

30 Day Nutri-Bullet Challenge

Zero Pound Holiday Challenge

40 Day “No Sugar” Challenge

6 Week Transformation Challenge

6 Week Clean an Lean Challenge



We also provide nutritional courses that teach and guide you on developing healthy nutritional skills and habits that is needed with all meal plans.

For example,  learning how to meal prep, learning how to develop a good sleep routine, learning how to food shop, portion control, and how to manage emtional and stress eating.  Some of our courses are:

* Core Nutrition Habits

* Level 1 Nutrition (Basic skills)

* Level 2 Nutrition (Advance skills)

* Lifestyle Nutrition Course

All courses have a daily accountability check-in to make sure that you are being consistent and developing habits.

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