NYC’s hottest Personal Trainer are no longer keeping quiet. Personal Training will never be the same again. Keep reading….

Welcome to your private physical transformation center. Our nationally certified personal trainers (CPT) are exercise specialist who are designed to either help you lose weight, tone-up, or prepare you for a marathon, spartan race, or just get you in the best shape of your life.


Give us 60 minutes and we will show you how to reshape your body permanently. During your 60-minute workout (morning, afternoon or evening) you’ll:

  • Learn exercises customized to your body & fitness level to tone & tighten the 5 biggest problem areas
  • Power up your nutrition with our rocket-powered nutrition meal planPinpoint the 7 most important things to do to get your body whipped into shape
  • Identify your long-term fitness goals & set realistic short-term goals to ensure your path to success
  • Invest in a fitness plan that’s right for you

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