We are not limited by four walls of a gym we are only limited by our determination and imagination

Belin Sports & Fitness (BS&F), NYC company is at the forefront of the growing and changing physical fitness industry. BS&F, NYC is a subsidiary of Belin Sports and Fitness, DC which is located in the DMV area.  BS&F, NYC operates in the New York City area, which includes Yonkers, Manhattan, and Bronx.

Corporate Location:

BS&F, NYC’s corporate office location is located in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx. All mailing correspondence should be sent to the address:

Belin Sports and Fitness, NYC

1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd floor

Bronx, NY, 10474.


Washington DC/MD/VA Corporate Office Location:

Belin Sports and Fitness, DC

Oxon Hill, Maryland 20745


Our Mission:

BS&F’s mission is to make exercising a FUN, AFFORDABLE, CONVENIENT, and TESTIMONIAL experience. The management team of BS&F has over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry and they have worked for the largest fitness company in the Northeast area of United States. Therefore, the potential success of the company and the service they deliver to their member’s results from many things: highly innovative fitness programs; well-trained and nationally certified fitness staff; dedication to quality and exceptional service; and burgeoning desire to make their member’s fitness experience testimonial. No matter what your fitness level is, BS&F brings the facility, results, and a multitude of options, to you including personal training and the popular group fitness workout class, “The Belin Challenge Fitness Camp”.

Our Program:

Belin Sports & Fitness, NYC (BS&F)  provides the The Belin Challenge Fitness Bootcamp. We created a challenge for anyone (between the ages of 13-65) who is ready to stop making excuses and get the results they want! It is a four-week indoor/outdoor program of fitness instructions, nutritional counseling, and motivational training. You will be inspired and have fun while participating in a fantastic workout led by a national certified personal trainer. We also localized the “Biggest Loser” (only the results) experience with our body transformation weight lost program called the  11 Day B. Challenge.